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Salut a to States on man: Oh Matilda, [, __ ]. We will a coupie nouvelle video Georgian. I beg some topical voluntary on a Venice Beach vessel video le pasa plantation cam, stylish easily provided comment.

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You ready, I am okay. Nova possession only voice, camo psycho pal America versus Pacific is to Maliki Baku version, a collection potatoes. I am such a policy of religious truth completed that. Can you introduce yourself so I’m Sandra pricker and I was born in the Netherlands close to Amsterdam and 27.

I just don’t. Remember yourself, okay! Well, I’m a fitness model. I used to be a clothing designer for a former brand that I creative and but I’m, still go inside and I’m, actually bringing my own coding back before Christmas this year, Neverland a the name yeah.

Thank you, Chris. Not a secret, you’re gonna be the first ones to know them: okay, okay, so it’s called Hira, and that is a Greek goddess that stands for femininity and birds and all of that, so that’s.

Not it good, and you told us you want to cook your home. I’m, making too much clothing. So hey I can’t. I got my own style, you’ll, see, would you like our start? It we’re doing it. Thank you! Well, they’ve posted on a physical top.

Can you tell us your size, you’re waiting centimeters. I’m 165 and I weighed 85 kilos and did you practice sports when you were younger? Yes, I’ve, absolutely rec sports growing up, I’ve done pretty much everything from start with dancing tennis.

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I was always very active can currently how many things you train a week. I probably train about six to seven times a week every day, pretty much and okay, and how long have you been 20, I’ve been trading business for the past five years.

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Oh, we’ll, go displeased and booty, which kind of fatal train I’ve, always done. I started off with three days blitz, so I would have three days of training one day resting days, training like that right now.

I just well, then you come to a certain point where you have your strong points or your weak points. My strong points are my shoulder, so I don’t work them almost at all or my back, so I I just kind of go by what I really need to do and what I feel that my body can take at that moment.

What is not too painful? Okay, and what is your favourites process, avoiding Dibble like every girls pretty much and your favorite exercise it’s, probably either squad or the phone through do or did you compete in sickness with it? I did compete, it’s been two years ago.

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I believe that WBFF London, but it’s, not really my thing. Okay, that’s kind. If I place well – and I was all good – but I just didn’t like how was standing next to girls that were you won’t? No! No! No! I was a top bye, okay, but I was just sending extra girls that were like three times my size, and I mean that’s, that’s, not my no! I don’t want to pay them like that.

Yeah. You’re right, okay, and what about your kids? What about my diet? All the other you eats like local low fat, so that’s. The thing is that everybody has to sort out for himself what they do, what they’re sensitive to, and I found out that I’m sensitive to fence and not carp.

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So I can pretty much eat quite a big amount of carbs. As long as I keep my pets well, can I’m going to cheat me look a week that’s. The best question I would like to eat achieve know every single day, but I can so I keep it to once a week, but I so I do go all out, though it’s, not like okay.

Let me see I have to have like 1500 calories that I should be eating. Now I go. I just close my eyes. Don’t think about anything and eat every okay. Do you practice now another sports? I kick bastard.

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I presume you ready Ellie. What I want for you will be been in France. Yes, I’ve, been actually as a child. I used to go there all the time. We always went to room it just below the board. Oh, that’s, a worry as a family.

We went to a camping okay, so I know that was like every single year of my childhood. We were in France. So as a child, I used to speak perfectly French, but there’s. A lot of people from Netherland common friends holidays, oh yeah, yeah, because it’s, so beautiful the that has a nice smell.

I mean the squirrels that go around. I love it and I love out of people speak friends, so yeah. But besides that, I’ve, been there lately as well a lot of times in fairs, absent friends there yeah, so some fitness events in Paris, yeah yeah.

I go there, so you’re! Really, yes, the next year. I will be there for you and next question next question and just be careful: do you have any advice for girls who wants to be like you? Yes, I know for my coaching, ok, total body time on YouTube girls that’s; okay, no! It’s, a advice, you just start and advices don’t, look at the day and date.

Progress because you’ll, be disappointed if one day you don’t. If you look at the scale and it doesn’t, go fast enough, just keep your mind set and keep on going and do everything religiously. So eventually that will get you there, 100 %.

So. Thank you, sir. Thank you for the. What is your favorite addiction? Well, I wish I could understand you guys, because then I could watch the videos ik now and watch the videos and I’m just trying to understand what’s going on.

It looks like a lot of fun your channel, but I can only understand a small part. Okay, my last email. I get it. Thank you so much. Yes, you can you say: God, Allah, fish, yeah, the fish that perfect lines say: Shan Shan.

Okay, we finished all our video. If you translate one by one, it means keep the fish and other fruit peach peach peach, [ Music ], you

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